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Datainfo has been a trusted source in the building materials and construction industry, serving manufacturers, distributors, and investors with data, analytics, and research-driven insights to inform key decisions and support growth. 

Datainfo delivers an unmatched offering of data, analytics, and industry-spanning relationships to generate the most powerful source of information, knowledge, insights, and connections in the building materials and construction industry. We bring together technologies, capabilities and audiences to help construction professionals streamline the preconstruction process to strategically plan for business growth.

Our Vision:

We want to become one of the leading partners for data-related questions

Datainfo is the Authorized Partner of Ventures Onsite in Egypt

The most accurate and comprehensive source for construction projects in the MEA region for more than 20 years provides detailed information on completed, ongoing, and future construction projects.

Our Approach is Flexible and Comprehensive

At Datainfo, your success is our success. We combine extensive research, data, and analysis to develop the insights necessary to guide your most impactful business decisions toward a successful outcome The building and materials industry is complex, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for growth. Our customizable approach provides the compass you need to navigate your market with confidence. Our core competency is in gathering intelligence from the right sources, vetting it and providing insights that aid in strategic decision making. We follow a robust methodology that ensures our clients can rely on our intelligence. Key stages include:

Primary Research

We conduct surveys and interviews with key stakeholders up and down the value chain to capture the true voice of the customer.

Secondary Research

Our analysts leverage available data to inform early-stage market insights, then back it with 28 years of proprietary, in-house data and expertise.

Quantitative Analysis

The quantitative analysis team develops exhaustive and complete market models to accurately depict complex and fragmented markets.

Qualitative Analysis

Client recommendations are grounded in qualitative feedback and analysis providing detailed narrative and insights.

Growth-Focused Market Intelligence, Your Way

Research & Consulting

We perform extensive evaluations of products, markets, channels, and customers to determine the insights you need to outperform the market.

  • Work directly with our team of industry experts and analysts to create a successful go-to-market strategy
  • Solve large-scale challenges with our exclusive market research 
  • Develop the know-how to innovate and introduce new product lines
  • Learn how to invest in building and materials market segments with confidence

Data Products

We proudly offer a range of data and report products to support your specific business goals.

  • Quickly access, high-reward research and data at your fingertips
  • See demand and supply data in customized dashboards 
  • View comprehensive forecasts to assess market potential accurately
  • Gain exclusive insight into customer behavior to help inform decision-making 
  • Receive quick access to custom data sets on request

One Vision, One TEAM

Our diversified team leads the building and construction industry with unmatched expertise, decades of combined experience, and a proven track record of success.


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    Call us today at +2 (02) 2622-5959 or fill out the form below.

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